“If you fail to prepare, then you prepare to fail.”

photo (2)The title of this post is credited to my co-worker. In a discussion about how she prepares her meals for the week, she said “If you fail to prepare, then prepare to fail.”

It really struck a chord. Not just for food preparation (though it is incredibly true) but with anything. If you don’t prepare for what you want to do, it will never happen. There are so many ways that this is relevant.

I think back to the days that I wanted to get up and go to the gym in the mornings. If I had packed my bag the night before, 9 times out of 10, I was up and ready to go. If not, I usually re-set my alarm.

Or when I have knitting orders to complete. If I take the time to prep all the materials, I’ll likely get started at it. If not, I’m more likely to procrastinate.

So basically, it’s my new motto.

This week, I am trying to kickstart my body into not craving chips and chocolate and to balance out my food intake. I met with a dietition at Dominion on Blackmarsh road FOR FREE. And when I say free, I mean absolutely no currency left my wallet. She was a fabulous resource and we chatted about what I eat, where I’m going wrong (apparently having an entire plate of macaroni and cheese is not a great idea…) and how to start fixing it. I left with a bunch of handouts and also was enrolled in her upcoming Nutrition program: 4 Weeks to Wellness. Again. FOR. FREE. There are still spots available if you’re interested. Just call 727-4446 to sign up!

So, newly inspired and believing that I can indeed start making some meaningful changes, I grabbed a cart and started. I got my fruits and veggies, my snacks, and a treat for the week. I went home and then spent 4 hours putting all of that together into a weeks worth of meals repeating the mantra “I will not fail to prepare”.

And it’s totally worth it. Not only am I preparing to eat healthy, but I’m preparing to not spend money on terrible food, to have more time in the evenings to myself, to keep my kitchen cleaner for longer, to not waste food that I am bringing into my house, to use the containers I bought months ago, and so on and so on.

So here’s to week one of this meal prep thing. Let’s hope it turns into one of those good habits I want to develop in 2015.

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