It all began with a pair of socks.

photo (11)A few people have asked me how this all started. My resolution to be “selfish”, that is.

In November 2014, I was at my local yarn shop, Cast On! Cast Off! and we were talking about socks – how much we all loved knit socks, how many pairs we had ourselves, how many pairs we needed to make before christmas, etc. One lady in particular has a sock drawer FILLED with hand-knitted socks that would bring out the envy of any knitter. And during that discussion, I realized that I hadn’t actually made myself anything in 2014.

For a casual knitter, that is understandable. But if I’m not working or sleeping, I’m most likely knitting. To add that up, lets average two hours a day (low-balling it for the odd day I didn’t knit). So that’s 14 hours a week AT LEAST spent with needles and yarn in my hands. Over a year,  I spent (at the very least) 728 hours knitting. And in 728 hours of my time, I couldn’t find the time to make something for myself? That’s craziness. Don’t I deserve 10-12 hours of my own time?

So I decided to purchase Biscotte and Cie’s self striping yarn (in picture) and swore then and there that these socks were MINE. I even took it one step further and learned a new technique (toe-up) just to make them extra special.

They were cast on in November, but Christmas knitting was in full swing, so they we hidden frequently. Finally, over the holiday break, I could concentrate on them fully.

They were cast off at 11:57pm on December 31st. I could officially say that I made myself something in 2014. And not just something, but something pretty awesome. There’s nothing quite like a hand-knit sock.

So that’s the story of these wonderful socks and where this journey really began. And they are also a reminder to myself that I’m worthy of knitted items. They are a reminder of why I made this promise to myself. And so far, so good! I’ve already made big plans for a hat. 🙂

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