Katie -20

Saturday was an exciting day.

Every week, I try my best to wait until Sunday to check the scale. The day-to-day fluctuations, and the fact that the scale can’t move that quickly made me put the scale in the cupboard so it wouldn’t be my focus. However, for some reason, this week, I reeaally wanted to check it out on Saturday morning. And I was so happy I did.


The date should be Jan. 2nd. Dec. 1st is when I signed up for the site.

Since January 2nd, 2015, I have lost 20 pounds. I haven’t seen this number on the scale since 2011. I’ve never lost this much weight before. Usually I get to 8-10 lost when I give up or revert to old habits. But I’ve officially reached that 20 pound mark.

There is still a long way to go before I hit my goal, but being able to get over that first 20 pound hurdle is a huge encouragement. From here, my goals will be in 10 pound increments, and hopefully, before the end of this year barring any serious interruptions, I will reach that goal.

Why being 20 pounds lighter makes me happy:

  • My jeans fit A LOT better.
  • In fact, all my clothes fit a lot better.
  • I’m eating better in general, which means I’m feeling better overall.
  • I’m relying less on food for happiness (less “Bad Day? Have a bag of chips” )
  • My teeth are rejoicing from the lack of caramelized sodas.
  • I typically spend less money on food (eating out, snacks, etc.) and therefore can splurge on yarn.

Overall, I want to be happy. While I don’t think being thin = happiness, I think that finding yourself more comfortable in your own skin certainly contributes to personal happiness and satisfaction. Everyone always equates losing weight with hard work, and a difficult path, and the threat of slipping up is always nigh. But if you stop looking at it like this impossible challenge and more like these small steps to self improvement, then it’s not actually that difficult. The first two weeks SUCK. You crave everything and more. You’re always ¬†feeling hungry (even though you’re not). And around every corner is a picture of a Big Mac. But little by little, you learn to ignore those signs, shut off the boredom-eating voice in your head, and curb cravings with alternatives.

If you’re looking to start, I highly recommend Loseit or MyFitnessPal. They track both food and exercise and help you visually with how much you are eating. It’s amazing how much food we consume and not even realize what is in it, and both of these help with that. Also, check out r/Loseit on Reddit for great stories of encouragement and advice for starting, continuing, and maintaining your goals.

So that’s the story for now. Here’s to the next 10!