The Halfway Point

It’s July!?!?

It’s amazing how fast time can move, especially when you aren’t drowning in your own anxieties. I’m halfway through 2015 and so far, it has been a much better year. I don’t know exactly why, but life just seems a little lighter than it did this time last year.

So I thought I’d do a checklist of what I’ve accomplished and then a 2015.5 resolution list, to keep myself motivated.

From January to July I’ve:

  • Lost 32 pounds 🙂
  • Applied for and was accepted to the St. John’s Farmer’s market as a vendor for fall 2015.
  • Knit myself a sweater
  • Paid off over $1500 of various debts.
  • Made the decision to move (again), but this time for the awesome reason of moving in with boyfriend.

For the next half of the year, I’ve set some goals to keep me motivated to make 2015 truly count. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Losing another 20 pounds by year’s end.
  • Applying for graduate school.
  • Finish paying off the remainder of my debt.
  • Getting outside of St. John’s for at least a day.

This is short, and kind of narcissistic, but I want to continue to make this year the one that turns things around. And so far, whatever I’m doing, this blog included is working.